Android Units

Android Units is a powerful unit-aware calculator that can also easily perform simple unit conversions. It's inspired by GNU Units.


You can download Units from the Android market or directly from Units.apk. The changelog is below.



Anything that is shown within a dotted box can be entered into Units. Eg. m³÷hr

Place the value and the unit you want to convert from in the "you have" box (eg. 4.9inches) and the unit you wish to convert to in the "you want" box (eg. cm). To enter units, either press the "unit" button and select from the list, or tap on the input box a second time and an on-screen keyboard should pop up.

You can enter simple units, such as cm/centimeter or complex units, such as m^3÷hr. You can press the "unit" button to show a list of all the units. If you don't specify a "to" unit, it will provide a definition in base units. For a list of examples, please see below.


Both "you have" and "you want" will auto-complete with all the known units, sorted by usage. The more you use a given unit, the closer it is to the top of the list. The usage is seeded with initial usage amounts for common units, including some regional adjustments based on your device's locale.

Units will not start off auto-completing every possible permutation of metric prefix (eg. deci, centi, milli) with unit name (meter, liter). Once you make a calculation with a prefix+unit combination, Units will remember it and auto-complete it from then-on.

Reciprocal detection

Units will auto-detect instances where you may have forgotten to convert from the reciprocal of a given value. For instance, if you enter 100mpg and ask for liter÷100km, it will compute it using the reciprocal of the "from" value (1÷(100mpg)) and provide a warning that it used the reciprocal.


You can enter complex calculations in both input areas. For example, you can add two conformable units such as, 2 cm + (4 + (1/2)) in or multiply values to higher dimensions, such as, 3m × 1m × 2cm to convert to liter or m^3. You can even convert to an arbitrary complex unit, provided that everything conforms properly.


Practical conversions

US→EU height conversion
5ft + 6in = 167.64 cm
UK→US mass conversion
13 stone = 182 lbs
Volume conversion
10cm×5cm ×3cm = 0.15 liter
Kitchen: volume to mass
1cup flour_sifted = 113.398094 g
Driving: time to distance
100kph ×5minute = 5.1780934 mile

Making lemonade, nutritional info

How much sugar does it have compared to other drinks?
1cup sugar ÷0.5gallon = 25.0 gram ÷8floz
What percent juice is it?
1cup ÷0.5gallon = 12.5 percent

In comparison (per. 8floz), Minute Maid® Lemonade has 3% juice and 27g sugar.Coke has 46g sugar per. 8floz.

Fun conversions

As you can see above, Units knows a number of units that are useful in the kitchen. Most are for volume↔mass conversion (which can be found under "density"), such as flour_scooped, sugar, and butter. It also has a few known masses, such as eggs, stickbutter and venusmass.

Your mass in eggs
78kg = 1560 eggs
Time to walk across the U.S. (without sleeping)
2600mile ÷3mph = 5.15873 week
Time to walk across the U.S. (assuming walking only 8 hours per day)
2600mile ÷(3mph ×(8hour ÷day)) = 15.47619 week
Gasoline efficiency in an alternative unit
1÷(25mile ÷gallon) = 79.36508 microhogshead ÷furlong

Science & Physics

3volt ×150mA = 0.45 watt
Approximate time it takes light to get from the sun to the Earth.
sundist ÷c = 8.316755 minute
EM frequency to wavelength
light ÷2.417GHz = 12.403494 cm
using e=mc² to figure out how much energy 1g of matter is equivalent to
1gram energy = 21.480764 kiloton tnt


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This is free software / open source

Units is an Android interpretation of the classic GNU Units utility, using Units in Java for all the heavy lifting.

If you wish to get the source to this application and/or contribute to its ongoing development, please visit the Android Units project page.

The source is available by way of the Android Units git repository. You can grab a copy for yourself by running:

          git clone git://

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License (GPLv3)

Android Units
©2010-2011 Steve Pomeroy, contributors (below)

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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