This is a design for a 24-hour analog clock. It has noon at the top, unlike most traditional 24-hour analog clock faces.

It was created using Inkscape and hand-tweaked using both vim and emacs. If you’re interested in poking at the original, I suggest grabbing a copy of Inkscape, as there are some Inkscape-specific components of the source. You will be able to show/hide the layers in order to print out just the face.

Android Wear


I made an Android Wear version which is available on Google Play. The source is available on github.

Android Homescreen Widget

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screenshot of the widget on a homescreen

I’ve made an Android widget that can go on your homescreen, based on the ver 2.2 style below. It’s available on Google Play and the source is available on github (GPLv3).

Version 2.2

In anticipation of turning this into an Android widget, I’ve attacked v2.1 with gradients and feel as though I’ve come up with a much more aesthetically pleasing version. I’ve also turned all the text and other shaped things into paths, so perhaps it’s even more compatible with SVG renderers.

24h analog clock version 2.2 (SVG version 2.2). This version still has the animated hands, as described below.

There is also a reduced-size version of the animated display that fits most screens.

Version 2.1

Chinese version! Thanks, José Fernando Tepedino!

Opera widget version

24h analog clock version 2.1 (original SVG version 2.1) This version of the clock features a EcmaScript animated display embedded in the SVG source. This should show the current time in SVG browsers that support ecmascript, such as Firefox.

There is also a reduced-size version of the animated display that fits most screens.

Making a Real One

24 hour wall clock I made a real version of this clock.

The clock is designed to be 30cm in diameter, with a ~26cm diameter face. It’s not too hard to find an inexpensive 24h clock movement in order to build a real clock. One such vendor is’s 24 hour european time clock movement.

Printing the Face

24h analog clock version 2.1 printable face The source SVG is broken up into multiple layers in order to facilitate printing. For convenience, the face layer is shown to the left, linked to a printable postscript version.

For printing, any 11x17” printer should be able to print it (careful about the margins). See the walkthrough on the Target clock mod for an example.

Version 2.0

24h analog clock version 2 Version 2 uses SVG’s text- on-path feature to place the hour labels, which I’ve discovered is rather incompatable between platforms.

Version 1

24h analog clock version 1 (original SVG version 1)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License.